Frank Zappa re-masters

Acording to the recent issue of The Absolute Sound mag, the family has recently released his entire catalog for sale. Anyone heard any of these new ones? Recommendations?
I guess not. I would have liked to read about the new reissues, but apparently Zappa and audiogon members don't mix.
I recall that when some of the early Mother's LP's were remixed for CD with "new, improved" bass and drums there was such an outcry that the old versions were subsequently re-issued. I know that (original drummer) Jimmy Carl Black was royally PO'ed. I think one of the LP's in question was "We're Only in it for the Money."

I'd be curious to read about the new releases if anyone has info. has everything for sale. I haven't heard anything about sound quality. If you like Zappa you already know about the music.