Frequency/channel imbalance on re-issued vinyl LPs

Has anyone experienced frequency/channel imbalance on re-issued jazz lp's? I've only recently come back to vinyl LPs and I'm not sure if this is a common problem.

Several re-issued LP's which I've acquired - most notable on several Curtis Counce group LPs re-issued on the Contemporary label which have been remastered - is a distinct separation of lower frequencies toward the right channel. The mid's and high's seem OK but also have an almost artificial separation of piano and horn. Overall I'm pleased with the pressings - the quality of the sound is good and clean but the distribution of the lower frequencies is very distracting. At first I thought I had system or a cartridge problem but after listening to a number of other LPs including some mono, I've come to the conclusion that it may be an artifact of how the music was remastered and "separated" to try to simulate a 3D sound stage.

Anybody else have a comment?