Full range stand mounted speakers

I would like to replace my Golden Ear Triton one.r speakers with equivalent stand mounted speakers.  Reason - Golden Ear is covered with cloth that cat’s love, and we are expecting 2 new kittens soon.

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Here's another vote for the Harbeths mentioned above -- SHL5plus or the 40.x. I've had many speaker come through my room -- Klipsch, Tekton, Elac, Magnepan, Spaciall, and more -- but the Harbeths always prevail. 

Ocean Way Audio Eureka’s.

Not really full-range but when I turn off my (thoroughly dsp’d) sub, I can’t say there’s much of a difference. It is subtle.. so they are definitely getting into the low 30’s. They also image very well considering their size.

They are a quite large time-aligned 2 way speaker. I’d guess mine with Sound Anchor Sig stands weigh well over 150lbs each because of the large platform required. They use very good (but fairly inexpensive.. middling level) SB Acoustics transducers, and although these speakers are fairly rare, are designed by a famous sound engineer (Allen Sides), who put much work into the crossover with his audio engineer (Bruce Marien) whose other projects have included much, much larger systems for Skywalker Sound’s scoring stage and the AeroWave system for Santa Barbara’s Granada Theater.

They need a very good amp to do their best.. fast slew rate and very high damping factor because the woofer is not paper.. it’s aluminum. Being a large two-way they aren’t super detailed in the mid-range, of course, however the crossover with the tweeter is so good your brain easily compensates (as it does with all our gear).. so the sound still comes across as being well balanced and highly enjoyable. To put it another way, I wouldn’t call the Eureka’s mid-range response transparent per se, however the speaker as a whole sounds transparent as that is compensated for very well in crossover design and the driver choices made. For these reasons, I think this is why he partners with AGD Productions at the shows. Their amps are fast and smooth with the current needed to move a large alu mid-woofer.. the sound with AGD is great. The top end w AGD is also very refined considering the tweeter isn’t a bespoke affair. Link posted.

I’ve heard their larger Sausalito’s as well (also w/AGD), but felt they were overkill for that little hotel room.. the Eureka’s alone kinda need a decent sized room to breathe with their wide dispersion. They already sound like excellent large speakers with AGD amps, and even do quite well with my old Wyred SX-500 monos.

After having heard them several times at shows over the years.. I finally found some second hand (in the basic black finish) for around 4k. Not sure they’d be worth the money you have to spend at the price they are with the hand lacquered wood.. but maybe they are partnered with AGD GANFet amps. Personally, I’d pass on that finish upcharge.. doesn’t help the sound.