Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) vs FI-28 (R) Differences?

I would appreciate experiences on the comparison between FI-50 NCF (R) and FI-28 (R). Is there a noticeable or significant difference between the two plugs. I am aware the FI-50 NCF (R) is the top-of-the-line and supposed to be very good. However, they cost much more than the FI-28. Does the additional cost translate to a noticeable or worthwhile difference, or the difference is subtle or marginal at best?

I would appreciate any experiences on this matter. The wire that will be used on the plugs both AC connector and IEC would be FP-TCS31.


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Thanks for that. I read the Audio Bacon review earlier but have missed the part about the FI-28. The review is mainly comparing the FI-50 NCF to the FI-46 NCF.

Looks like it may not be wise to skimp on the plugs. At first I was thinking if the FI-28 (R) might do it at a fraction of the cost but it appears that the FI-50 NCF (R) is the way to go.


I have cables in my system that use both the FI-50 NCF and the FI-28(r). Both are really good plugs, and I think both are far superior to the run of the mill plug. The FI-28’s are certainly not as impressive looking as the top-of-the-line FI 50’s, but they are certainly not a plug that i would go to the effort of replacing with the FI 50’s.

FP-TCS31 is a very fine power cable that would mate well with either 28R or 50NCF.

Please note that this cable is not so warm like OCC but rather linear with very good extension, tighter bass, more detail and bigger images and needs a long time to come alive. Depending where you want to use it plugs can be very decisive. In simple words the 28R are really excellent plugs but the NCF ones are impressive. If cost is not an issue the NCF's would be the best choice.

I am using both and am really impressed with the two.I would say that these guys have pointed out the gist of what they are.I like the the 28r alot.It was such a noticeable jump up in quality from the "lower end" furutech...Whole different realm.The 50 ncf i feel is not a Quantum jump from them,but the ncf does help clean timber and on right component is a nice jump up.Audio bacon and Dave/zenwave are dead on about them and is a good read on them.Douglas audio feels that the 28 is your other choice if 50 ncf/50 is out of reach.Daveyf has it right,could easily live with all 28’s.

I found the FI-28(r) to be too bright and too lean.  The FI-50 NCF is much better balanced tonally and is more detailed to boot.  However, I should add that after using FI-50 NCF connectors on all my cables for several years, I recently replaced them all.  My current favorite IEC is ETI Legato Gold which I use with a FI-11M Copper AC plug.  This gives me the best tonal balance and more detail than the FI-50 NCF connectors.  I have no problem using the Legato Gold IEC with a FI-50M NCF AC plug but the FI-11M Copper has IMO a more neutral tonal balance and almost as much detail.

@salectric Very interesting ...

Have you triyed FI-46 NCF (gold plated) ?

Which cables are you using the connectors on?

I am using FI-46 NCF on both Furutech TCS31 and Furutech 762 with relatively good results.

However, sometimes i wish i have a little bit more transparency and instrument separation ( as Ramm Amadeus 5 MK2 is providing ) that’s why I ask ...


i haven’t tried the FI-46.  Most of my connector trials were with Audio Note ISIS mains cable but I also used Ocellia Silver Reference cable.


Just to follow up on my earlier post, I have since then tried using ETI Legato Gold for both IEC and AC plug.  That had too much of a gold coloration (too warm and slightly soft and rolled off in the treble).  I also tried the ETI Legato Rhodium IEC but it is too lean in the bass for my tastes as well as slightly too bright.  For me the combination of Legato Gold IEC and FI-11M Copper AC is just right.  I now use that combination on ISIS cable for all of my gear.