Fuse and q45 Highfidelity enhancer

iam reading the thread fuse $2844 dollar price   I was stunned on the price ? Who is in the right mind to spend that much on a fuse, Then tweek geek claims current pass thru the fuse first , so it means cheap fuse will cause distortions. Make sense to me, not the $28444 price?  one of the poster said liquid enhancer will make the fuse better. So to prove it, I applied q45 high Fidelity enhancer,to my cheapest amps Norh mono blocks, Honestly I never believe fuse will improve the sound, I was shocked how big is the improvement, the bass, hi hat , piano and organ is so naturally extended , instruments sounds more fuller ,background became blacker, very quiet, distortions is non existent in my systems, my speakers are diapason adAmantes, Tellurium black diamond cables, audio research ls2b preamp, Ruby Marantz sacd player, tt SME 10 And Icon ps3 phono pre.



Did you apply it to just the end sides of the fuses or over the entire end cap of the fuse?

I just applied Q-45T on all the plug connectors inside my Lumin streamer (4 locations) and its separated power supply (4 locations) and my bottom jaw dropped for such SQ improvement especially the clarity. I gotta love this dawn thing. It saves me AGAIN from the idea of upgrading to more expensive gear. Q-45T, thank you

My hurricane and tornado pc , were treated with q45 the result is amazing, soundstage explodes, it’s huge, 

@jayctoy Not get on Q45T but did apply 1260 on fuse of my Jeff Rowland amp. I will wait til next week or 2 to dive back in my amp and, this time, I’m going to try with Q45T.