Fuse Direction for Pass Labs Amp and Preamp

I am going to re fuse my Pass X250.8 and XP-32 with Synergistic Research purple fuses in a couple of days. I was hoping to get advice on a rule of thumb for direction of the fuses. My instinct tells me to start by installing the fuse by the direction of the lettering on the fuses. I am thinking that the direction should be the lettering left to right with the beginning of the lettering facing out of the amp and the end of the lettering facing into the amp. Does this sound right?


@mitchb : I see you have drunk the fuser Kool Aid! How can you believe this nonsense that a small piece of wire - which does not carry a music signal - can somehow change the character of a component - and cost hundreds! Enlighten me!

How you feel about fuses now people felt about power cables 25 years ago. People in fact do hear a significant difference between stock fuses and high end fuses. Why a little wire makes such a dramatic difference I don’t know but it does. It has been proven by people’s experience. There are those who feel power products like cables and connectors don’t make a difference but they do. Not always positive I admit as everything is system dependent.

I can tell you that Lloyd Walker suggested that I try the fuse both ways in my Walker Motor Drive to see which direction I preferred.  He could hear a difference, but I could not.  I'd suggest that you follow Lloyd's advice and see if you have a preference..

My situation is that I am doing 4 components at the same time. Technically I should do one at a time and swap the fuse to hear which works best but I was hoping to just install the 4 fuses at the same time. Someone sent me a diagram in a different forum which shows which way the direction of the fuse should go. I will follow the diagram sent to me as a guide.