FYI: Dynaudio Evidence Masters are being made again!

I realize that this is a very niche product and that they are quite expensive and out of reach for most consumers. That being said, I had a demonstration of these back in 1999 or 2000. They literally ruined me for sound. Since then I have been waiting for the day when I would be fortunate enough to be able to afford these. I have been on the search for quite some time now. There was a pair of masters (not the Platinum versions, which are different) in rosewood here on Agon about 3 years ago in Corvallis Oregon. I could have swung for those but it would have put me in debt so I chose not buy them. That was clearly a mistake as there was the Pandemic shortly after. Since then there have only been 2 other pairs of Masters listed around the globe.

While on the search for a pre-owned pair, I came across Dynaudio’s website as I was referencing the specifications between the Masters and the Platinums. Funny thing, they had the Evidence Masters as current models as of 2022. I posted a query on the AVS Dynaudio owners forum and asked if anyone knows about this and if they were indeed being remade as the Dyn website was woefully short on actual info about this.

Then, to my surprise, Otto from Dynaudio reached out to me via DM and followed up with a response in the open forum. I was a bit floored. I also sent Dynaudio a query via their internal mail system and have since received a response not only from Otto (again, directly) but from others there as well. Otto has directed me to the people I need to be in contact in the relative countries that I am in (US and UK).

Amazing service. Again, floored.

Bottom line, they are being remade to order. they are identical spec to the originals. Apparently there was enough demand for these to be put back in their lineup. The lead time is roughly 2 months after order as these are hand made in Denmark.

So, if like me to you have been ruined by the masters, now is your chance to have a pair of your own.

*My apologies if this has come across like an advertisement. I have no affiliation with any brand or company that sells audio. I just truly have never heard anything better in my life and I have tried. Exhaustively.  There have been others that I like near as much - the Borresen 5 Silvers come to mind, but not quite there dynamically. At least to my ears.


Have a good day everyone.


Trying to understand...are you ordering a pair, or are you just excited because you can now dream about actually doing it?

I am not sure why this is a relevant question, but am planning to purchase several pairs. I am moving to a rather large home in January and would like several systems and at least one system per house.

Oh, that's wonderful. We will look forward to pictures. You but verify.

.........hmmmm you couldn't afford them three years ago but now you plan on buying several pairs ? Good for you ....but this doesn't really make any sense but okay and enjoy the music at your one system per house. ( note : not per room )   

heard them years ago

outside of output and spl, the current Confidence 50's smoke them

This current hifi marketing thing with companies competing for the most expensive product doesn't impress me and if dynaudio is bringing back a 20+ year old design so they can have an $85k product to boast I'm packing up my toys and going home.