Gabriel Gold Extreme Speaker Cables

I recently purchased a pair of balanced Gabriel Gold Extreme cables on the 'Gon' as an experiment and have been more than pleased with their performance. This really is quite a fine IC. IMO: It bettered the IC I was using which costs more than 5X its price. Steve mentioned during the course of our communications that he was working on a speaker cable. Has anyone had a chance to try this new cable? I'm not actually sure if it is available yet.
I actually purchased one of the first Gabriel Gold Extreme interconnects and was very impressed by the cables build quality and incredible sound.
I actually ended up replacing my Stealth Indra interconnect
which list for $6500.
After hearing the interconnect I contacted Steve and purchased a bi-wire set of his speaker wires.
I do not believe he auctions them off.
I think he is meeting a lot of orders via "word of mouth"
I was using the Stealth MLT's until the GG's arrived.
Needless to say the MLT's went up for sale.
I just purchased some of the GG speaker wore and WOW!
talk about being drawn into the layers of music flowing from these georgeous cables.
I hope for selfish reasons these cables never go"mass market" cause I got something very few have and anyone who hears the GG IC's and speaker cable in my system envy the sound.
I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 of the GG's comeup used and they don't last.
I gues everyone who owns them feels like me.
If you see some pre-owned or auction regardless of the big
dollar cables you're using my gut feeling is you'll do like me and sell off your old ones once you hear the GG's