Gainclone vs. Pure Class-A

Anyone have any experiences/opinions with the sound quality of one of these gainclone amps kits (i.e., like Rawsonte or Audio Sector, 50 watt range), vs a basic pure class-a solid state amp in the 5-20 watt range?
I made a gainclone with premier parts such as blackgate caps 2 years ago, it sounds very good. However I still prefer class A Aleph, warmer, sweeter, more liquid, less ss taste.
I have a pair of 200w Rawsonte monoblocks which replaced a pair of class A Monarchy SM-70 monoblocks (70w). Driving a pair of very inefficient NSM minimonitors (82db), I much prefer the Rawson amp, for both dynamics and imaging.
Perhaps a slightly skewed example, but I own both a gainclone and class-A amp built by Tim Rawson. The gainclone being a dual-mono 200watt, the class-A a 15watt Aleph clone.
Which I prefer depends on my mood and music being played.

Strengths of the gainclone; Smooth mids and highs with "Reach out and touch it" transparency, stunning soundstaging front to back/side to side with pinpoint imaging.

Strengths of the Aleph; Perfect tonal balance top to bottom, more weighty presentation overall lends to more natural sounding vocals, strong articulate bass.

Both remarkable amplifiers, neither of which I'd easily part with.