Gallo Reference 3.1 vs Zu Druid

I am interested in anyone that has compared the Zu Druid vs the Gallo Reference 3.1. Especially in relative large, hard-surfaced rooms. I tend to listen to classical and jazz. Thanks.

A large, hard-surfaced room means that the reverberant field will be stronger than is normally the case. This places higher priority on speakers that do a good job of generating a reverberant field that has a realistic spectral balance. In my opinion, both the Druids and the Gallos do a considerably better than average job in this respect. I don't know if you were aware of this, gsm18439 - but (imho) you're looking at two of the defiintely more intelligent choices for this application from among the hundreds out there.

Since I peddle one of these brands (though not outside my area), I'll refrain from the predictable. I will say that in my opinion given the room size and requirement to do justice to classical music you'd want the sub amp if you got the Gallos, or you'd want a subwoofer if you got the Druids.

Having owned both, I would choose the Druids over the Gallos ten times out of ten. They sound like music to me where the Gallos sound like HiFi.

You could hardly have chosen two more different sounding speakers.
When I moved to a smaller listening room I looked for a physically smaller pair of speakers to replace my Mag. 3.6
I narrowed it down to VS 4 Jr,Druids or Gallos I bought the Gallos.I believe that due to their design they add virtually no colouration due to cabinet resonances etc., kind of like the Maggies. Consequently they sound more"open" which may sound "HiFi" with overly aggressive amplification but with Tubes on top and a SS on the subs I have NEVER heard a better cone speaker anywhere close to there price,never.