Gallo Reference 3.1 with/without the subwoofer amp

Does anyone have an opinion regarding the necessity for using the subwoofer amp with the Gallo Reference 3.1s?
or just spend a few bucks on a couple resistors?
I have heard the 3.1s at my house and at friend's and we both preferred them better with a good sub instead of their amp. He returned the amp.
Tubes on top,a good SS on the subs, a Velodyne SMS to tie them together ,it is the only way to go.Raises the price of the speakers by $1k to $2k but is worth the price, on the plus side you can get there in steps.
Great q., as I am looking into that myself (I have a gallo 3.1 (5.1?!) system on order). The way I look at it is, if you are GOING to use a sub amp in order to have the speaker sound full range, then using the Gallo amp is the way to go, but as Grims states i would still use a SMS. My negatives about this arrangement are that bass frequencies are STILL tricky in most people's rooms, so where you put your monitors may not always be the best place for the sub freq., regardless of the SMS (which should improve things 2-fold. I also think that using a seperate sub will allow the main speaks to play all the other freq. with more ease. I guess another consideration is, if you will beusing the system for mostly music, like i am, u would want a pretty quick sub.
-Just my 2 cents.
Please let us know what you chose / do.
i just got a pair and was suprised by the amount of bass they had wihout the sub amp (this is with less then 20 hours on them).