Genelex 6922, 12ax7, or 12au7

Anyone tried any of these new tubes yet? I have components that use all three types.......just wondering, and listening to any opinions.

Audioasylum tube forum has some info on these.....but I want more (-:

Thanks, Dave
Thanks Al........mostly interested in the 12ax7's to start with, but interested in any info on all of them regarding sound quality.

Thanks, Dave
Same tubes I believe.They just use the European numbers.[][]
I am very pleased with the Genelex 6922 & 12au7 that I am using in my Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe preamp. See this thread for a description of the sound:

You can get these a little cheaper from

I just got a pair of the 6922s recently. They are warmer and a little more laid back than EH tubes, though not as good in the midbass. But A-frame Amperex 6DJ8s were even warmer and didn't cost much more.

This is in a BAT 3ix, which I'm not sure is the most revealing circuit for these kind of comparisons.
Thanks, I'm going to try a couple of the 12ax7's in my Rogue amps first (I have Sovtek 12AX7LPS) in there now).

My preamp/DAC takes 6922's but I have my FAV Amperex 7308's in there now.

Interesting, I ordered a pair of the 12ax7 on Friday and they are in transit. I'll chime in after they arrive and I get them burnt in.
Running a pair of the cryo'd version from Cryoset. These are the 12AU7's. The device is a TAD PreDAC. First set of tubes that were used were EH 12BH7 that were extremely detailed but lacked low end. The Gold Lion 12AU7's are very well balanced, with very good extension in the high and low end.

I haven't had a chance to audition any other tubes with the PreDAC and really don't have much of a desire to do so.

For $80, these Gold Lion reissue 12AU7's are a good value as you know you're going to get great sound.