Genelex KT-88:Gold Lion/Monarch &re-issues

It appears that I have narrowed the choice of output tubes to the Genelex or one of the re-issues.
Does anyone have experience with the Gold Lion or Gold Monarch KT-88s?
Or the New Sensor re-issue Gold Lion
Or can contrast these others with the Shuguang KT-88-98?
The re-issues seem to run $190-$240 for a quad.The NOS is looking like $1600-!800 for the quad:money well spent or ??
My thanks in advance for your comments-Tom
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I am not suggesting that NOS Gold Lion KT-88s are worth $1600 a quad, but the originals still sound the best and they last for years, if not decades.
The NOS Gold Lion, Gold Monarch, and plain ole GEC's all do something I haven't found in any other KT88, new or vintage: their sound has a sparkle! If you haven't heard this, it's hard to imagine, if you have, you don't have to ask ;-)

I have a friend who is using the EAT tubes (new manufacture and $1700/quad) and likes them even better than the NOS Gold Lions. I did hear a used quad of them and was underwhelmed ;-)

As for the NOS Genalex tubes, even used (I got mine for $800/quad) they still show tranconductance (gain) values of 9000 -- 10000 mMHOs (new 12,000!). The new reissued GL are only 7500 new! As are the Shuguang/Penta KT88SC, which are excellent tubes BTW, but no sparkle ;-)
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Tvad, don't get me wrong -- for current product, I think the Shuguangs are great -- amd certainly the best value at $150/quad. BTW, what amp do you use them in?
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