Genesis V speakers: how to power these things?

Just acquired (some people don't like really heavy things, I guess). Condition is marvelous. But they have an issue, and I have a couple myself, and among them all it's just not working yet.

Issue 1: one of the NL4 connectors (speaker left) is broken; some of the plastic shroud has cracked and fallen away. The connector does lock into place, however. Big deal?

Issue 2: no signal from the Genesis external amplifier. The amp lamp lights; it gets warm as it stays on. But running the main preamp outputs of a Mac MX113 to the external amplifier results in absolutely nothing from the speakers. Not a hum, not a buzz, nothing. Thus, I'm running the speakers simply off the binding posts of a Mac2205 amplifier to the binding posts of the Genesis. (and I did figure out to not use the biwire business on the Genesis...).

I don't have another amplifier with speakon connections just laying about, and I've not found anyone local (Oklahoma) who is game at even testing the amplifier, let alone doing repairs. I really hate not taking advantage of the VI's bass capability. Better to solicit amp diagnosis/repairs nationally, or just buy a pro amp with similar power ratings and speakon connections and hope that's the issue?

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I would not let anyone work on these treasures until contacting Genesis. I recently have acquired a set of used 6.1s and did a lot of research before selecting them and even more research since in order to first determine if the right channel bass amp or servo motor was D.O.A. (was not) and later to figure out what to do with them after figuring out that the low-pass and bass level controls really can be set so that one channel sounds golden and the other like a major malfunction in the same room at identical settings! Through all my research I got the impression that they have continued to offer support and upgrade paths for a lot of their earlier models. I have read several accounts of owners sending their electronics to their shop for testing and repairs and upgrades. My Genesis speakers are in that special class of components that I don't just own, but also have a responsibility to preserve them and to maintain them for future generations. Yours will sound even better when you get the hardware sorted out.