Getting 2 subs

Got a pair of Bower 802D3 which I’m biwiring 1000 watts to each one, been through several subs, just sold my pair of JL f112, which did not give me the thunder I wanted so I’m going back to SVS , I had 2 sb2000 before, but this time I want a brand new sb 4000 and I wondering if I should have me second sub be a sb2000 or the 3000 or match what i already have which is the 4000, I want to be the one to hear and feel it in my living room, not my neighbor,

my experience with large subs is that the frequency is to low and for me to hear close up , so is it ok to get 2 different size subs to cover a wider spectrum of bass or get 2 matching subs?


Guess I missed the D3's right there.... for some reason I thought those were subs too.  :D

Is your room overly reflective?  This can create excess mid-treble energy, and overwhelm the bass.

I use to great satisfaction 3 different SVS subs in my main room. A SB4000, a SB3000 and a PC2000 Ultra. The 4000 crosses at 60hz, the 3000 at 80hz and the 2000 at 100hz. After playing with the gain for some time it is now dialed in seamlessly. You never hear any indication of a subwoofer and yet there is a dynamic that is hard to explain. The interplay of the subs does magic to my bottom end and the music is captivating. 

The 3 different SVS subs is something I considered, now that I know it works, that’s probably what I’m gonna do,  only gonna get 2 subs, which should I get ? The sb 4000 and the 3000 or the 4000 with the 2000?

In my experience, the 4000 and the 3000 seem to pair better. That may be because my PC2000 is a bottom firing sub. I have often wondered how the SB2000 and 4000 would pair up. The quickness of the 2000 and the crazy extension of the 4000 would seem to cover all the bases. Either way, have fun and play it loud. 

I switched to 2 subs about 2 years ago and will never use just 1. I think they should be the same model.