Getting off the merry-go-round – AFRAID TO???

I won’t pretend that I have many hobbies I like. I have been into cars & a few other hobbies which did not last. This is the only hobby which I kept coming back to consistently with MUCH enthusiasm. I have gained tremendous satisfaction, knowledge by reading articles, threads & reviews. I so look forward to winding down in front of my system after a tiring days work!

The problem is getting off the merry-go-round (also read as continuous spending). I have now assembled two very satisfying systems to fulfill my listening moods. One based on Western electric 300B’s & Lowther fullrange horns & the other with 250 Watts of Mac power running into full frequency Transmission-lines going down to 18Hz. As I see it, I SHOULD BE DONE!

But to answer the above question, do I want to stop? Afraid to say, the answer for me is still NO. I need something to look forward to that I enjoy besides only listening to music!

Are there more ‘philes like me…………………

Dilly I agree with you. Part of MY enjoyment is getting more gear and trying out all sorts of things. I hope I dont ever get to the point of every being satisfied with my system or else I will just lose interest and move on.
Look at it this way ... you are riding on a horse going 10 mph

On your left is a sharp drop off, on your right is a elephant keeping pace with you, to your rear is a charging Rhino and in front of you is The Lion King

What do you do ... "GET OFF THE MERRY GO ROUND"

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful
Of course there are others like you. Lots of us. There is nothing to be afraid of (save perhaps bankruptcy!) Why should you be done? Bird watchers are seldom 'done.' Ditto for NASCAR fans, square dancers or stamp collectors. You shouldn't feel you have to halt one hobby in order to partake of another.

I think most of us here -- you included -- are likely to be part gear hound and part music lover. You just need to keep in mind that there are two distinct but not mutually exclusive hobbies in play here. If you have the financial capacity, then by all mean, enjoy them both!

I, like many others, have upgrade urges, even though I am often musically satisfied with what I have. It isn't a result of a system deficiency, status or envy as much as it is plain old interest. I just happen to enjoy the gear about as much as I do the music it makes.