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Narrowing Down the Speaker Search
David thanks for the response. The K&K is new to me and I actually have not heard it yet, still waiting to rebuild my system and awaiting a speaker choice. Nevertheless, very good to hear it comes recommended. I stumbled upon it awhile ago and... 
Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A
SOme more great suggestions. Thanks all. The Zu definitions look intriguing but out of my price range I believe. Maybe the MK III's on the used market MIGHT COME CLOSE.I'm looking at about $2000-3000 budget wise.Monitors mainly because they have t... 
Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A
Anybody heard the 30A with the Paradigm S2's?Just to clarify, my room is 13x20 with 9 ft ceilings if that helps any.Thanks for the suggestions! 
Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A
Thanks for the responses. I'll definately look at the Revels, they are on a short list.John, what speakers do you have? 
choice of ref pre amps
Sit back and enjoy!? 
Thinking of selling my Teres
In the end you can't take the table or any of it with you. The table and everything else has it's own destiny and story to tell and is only temporarily passing through you.That you are even contemplating making a "change" indicates it's time for b... 
What's the best power conditioner
So Stehno, which are those manufactors. I'm quite curious! 
What's the best power conditioner
This is pretty much an impossible question to answer. Of the two, probably the furman, but of all, I doubt I'll ever know.Good luck and let us know if you find it. 
you've got $25,000.00
First off, Lucky you! Without question the Teres Certus. Very clean lines, wonderful look and if space is a concern or an aesthetic issue, it is nicely compact. How does it sound? The only way I can describe that is to say correct, just...correct.... 
Mapleshade tweaks
I had their Gibraltar speaker stands for my monitors plus custom footers threated into the bottom of the monitors. This combo really brought out the best in the speakers bass response and overall stability. Beautiful to look at as well.No experein... 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
They build loosely coherent tables that will satisfy for awhile but really don't address many TT issues and the build average tonearms. Unipivots break cartridges easily.Not to put VPI down, they do what they do. Ever wonder though why they have s... 
any advice appreciated
Spend most of your budget on the best power cords you can buy.Really though...take the long approach. This is a great place to start. Get your equipment(particularly staying close to your budget), set it up, enjoy the sound and continue to squirre... 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
Srwooten, I agree with Audiofeil. If your going to stick with the JMW9 then don't bother with the Airy, go for the R100 and spend the money saved on great lp's. I do think Islandmandan's advice is great as well, I found the Sig arm to be a much be... 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
I really enjoyed the ZYX Airy 3 with silver base on my Scoutmaster. Which arm do you have? That would tell us more. But my experience in moving from the Dynavector20XH to the ZYX was very positive. More music arised from my lp's in a more natural ... 
TT+tonearm under $5k
Pretty much can't go wrong with the galibier. Forget the anvil and put the remaining $300 into the tonearm.Good Luck