Ghost in the machine or I have the jedi force.

My Marantz cd 6006 (3 yrs. old) out of the blue would play a bit then skate across the cd a couple of times and not play. putting in a new CDs solicited the same reaction. This went on for a few days so I went to my local audio dealer who said it was not worth fixing. I went home disconnected it popped the top and laid hands on this and that ( what do I know about electronics) reconnected the optical coax and rca interconnects and a miracle it is not playing faultlessly. I was listening to "The Healer" by JL Hooker at the time. Maybe I have the healing hands?

What just happened to cause this turnaround in the player any ideas?  Have fun also if you have any audio or medical issues (I'm branching out) my hands are free 😁.


Sounds like you are the Hans Christian Anderson of Marantz repairs.

In addition to the anti skate, the lasers VTF and rake angle could have become aligned.

My hypothesis is analogous to magnetic material being made into a magnet by aligned it in a strong magnetic field… and that your shakra’s being in alignment probably aligned the laser in a similar fashion?