GMA Callisto vertical tilt and placement issues

I just bought a pair of well broken in GMA Callistos from my dealer the other day.The basses, for reasons I will not go into, were new with the rear screws preset at 31/4 inches as opposed to the 113/16” that the manual says is level .Everything else is set up as per instructions with a 8 foot triangle (equal listening distance T ) & the 53 degree toe in angle with the front of the speakers being 36" from the rear wall of my well dampened bay window also 8 feet & 51/2 feet from one side wall & 5 feet from the other as the window is not dead center.To my mind this should downward tilt the speaker to near where my ears are as the large model one sand filled Tyler acoustics stands are 25.5 " with the cone feet placing my ears at woofer height since my couch is a little on the low side. The interesting thing is the speaker sounds better standing up & at 10 feet (behind the couch)?.The speakers image is wider as is the soundstage & the sound a little warmer as they are just a tad metallic sitting down.Do any of you with Callistos have any useful tips re the vertical adjustment & also the placement in general? I am using the following; Rega Saturn,Portal Panache,PSB Srtata Subsonic 3i(modded), Analysis Plus Solo Crystal IC & oval 9 cable,PS Audio Duet,Oyaide receptacle.Black Sand Violet Z1 AC cords all around, 6 Audioprism Quietlines plugins in & around adjacent circuits .Because of adjacent rooms & hardwood with a small 8x5 carpet in front of the speakers, the room is slightly bright with some flutter echo from the stair well.



The tweeter should be at your ear height, not the woofer. They are designed for 24" stands, so your stands are adding 1.5" plus the cones you stated you are using add more (not specified in your post) so they definately are NOT set up correctly.

My advice would be to loose the spikes, this would get them as low as possible. Then set the rear leveling screws to nominal per the manual. Then raise the leveling screws (raise the rear of the speaker) to tilt the tweeter down until they sound best.

My advice may only get you so far, ultimately, I'd give Roy a call at the shop tomorrow and get his advice.
I have a pair and it took me a while to get them just right. I went by the book as far as placement, but I'm not sure I have mine set to the 53 degree tow in or not. Mijknarf is right though.. What made the most diffference for me was finding the right height for the leveling screws. Once I found that... wow! I haven't moved them since.

hope that helps.
I have a pair and have also struggled to set them up properly... I believe i have my placement spot on in terms of the equal legged T position, and the tilt I think is also correct, that said I find they really throw a lot of energy off axis, (lots of reflection and echo at certain frequencies) to the point that to my ears in my room, room treatments will be necessary to get the best sound.

I can relate to Mbacinello’s comment .My room acoustics have always been weird with open adjacent rooms being,a bay window,hardwood etc.In point of fact they sound best 23 feet away sitting in my 10x10 attached dinning room where I still have a direct site line to both speakers .I suspect reflections are making them sound a bit confused & hard.Listening to the Beatles "Love"CD, they seem just right as I sit at my computer(23 feet away) constructing this reply.I have never had a speaker sound so different by moving around. The bass is even better back hear at my computer or standing behind my couch. I hear the tremendous potential these speakers have,though admittedly I have to add a little bit of sub on most non-audiophile CDs. As a matter of interest given the 8 foot T placing, what height did you three end up setting the rear screws at?...that may give me a start as right now I am confused as to where to start with all these anomalous discoveries. I will also email Roy as suggested

Thanks Bill