Goertz MI2 with Sim I-5

When I play Bach MORIMUR/ THE HILLIARD ENSEMBLE/ CHRISTOPH POPPEN Cd, it sounds like they sing in side of big with full of reverbration. With my old cheap cable, I didn't have this much reverb.

Though my sim runs cool without Zobel network, I wonder
whether it would be a hint of amp oscilation.

I'd like to share your experience.
If your amp was oscillating it would probably go into thermal shutdown in the first few minutes.
I've used the MI-2 with my I-5, but with the zobels in place. I remember I didn't have them at first and the amp didn't really get hot, just lukewarm at most. I would put the zobels in just in case, they don't do anything to the sound and they will make sure no oscillation occurs. What's the rest of your equipment?
This is not true. Some amps / circuits can become marginally unstable yet not break into full blown oscillation. Performance is degraded and the circuit will VERY gradually break down. Full blown oscillation causes much more obvious degradation and would result in a much quicker death.

As to the sound of the system, what kind of results are you getting on other recordings ? Try some male and/or female vocals accompanied by an acoustic based band, some piano recordings, etc... Mix it up as much as possible. I would not base my opinion of a component or cable on one "strange" or "different" result. Sean
Thanks for your reply.

I mostly listen late 19th century classical music like Mahler, Wagner, and Strauss.

When I play male/female vocal, it sounds like little echoes follow their voices.

Since my amp runs warmer than before, I may need Zobel network.

Here is another question.
Does anyone know how to find R and C values in Zobel network?

I have resolution CD55, Gyrodec SE+SME309+Audio technica OC-9, Sim I-5 with Dynaudio Contour 1.8MK2.
I use Allen Wright's silver interconnector(you can find his receipe from www.vacuumstate.com) and powercable.

Before I use Goertz, I thought Sim I-5 wasn't enough to drive 87db 4Ohm speaker and considered to move up Sim pre/power combination.
I was just luck to find the weakest link in my system without wasting money and time.
If your amp is running noticeably warmer, you do need the zobels. I would refrain from running the amp with the Goertz until you can install the appropriate impedance networks to take care of this problem. In the meantime, go back to using your older cables and see how they compare now that you've gotten used to the Goertz somewhat. This is not to say that you've heard your system with the Goertz running at optimum performance as of yet though.

The zobel's should be available from the dealer that you purchased them from ( if you bought new ) or directly from Goertz at a very nominal charge if you bought used.

As to the "echo's" that you're hearing, it is possible that you are now hearing the reverb that was originally added to the recording. This is VERY common, as it helps to fill out a voice and add "body" ( if properly used ) while somewhat helping to cover flaws in the vocal performance.

From your comments, it seems as if you've got more apparent volume with the Goertz than what you previously had with another cable. Am i reading that correctly ? Sean
My guess is that the sound filled out with the Goertz, giving it more apparent weight and impact and apparent volume. It is possible that your amp is actually loading up slightly better, but i doubt if it would be enough to make a huge difference. Sean
I add zobel network and my amp run less warmer than before.
Thanks all for your interest in my question.

Glad to hear it. Hope you like the cables. Keep in mind that if they have the factory terminated silver spades on them, you will need to clean them once in a while. They do oxidize, but silver oxide is conductive. Not a big deal, but something to check out once in a while. Sean
I have MI2 also and will be teying it with a Perreaux 2150B amp. Does anyone think I may need the Zobel network also? I received a pair or wires that may be needed (so says Goetz) on the amp. Any comments?
Yes, you will need the zobels with the Perreaux or it will cook itself to death. Good luck and please respond back with your results. I'd be curious to see which you like better. Sean
I just recently tried an old pair of Goertz thin speaker silver foil wires.

This has been the best sound yet after months of speaker wire trials and DIY attempts.

Now I am reading abot amplifier occilations and over heating.

My wires were pre zoebel networks(but I have Walker Hi def links laying around if needed)and I use a DEcware SET Zen Select( A great amp BTW), sofar no oscilations or excessive heat, but I'll pay closer attention from now on.

What I will say is that I listened longer today with these wires on my speakers than I have with the other speaker wires I was using.
After a five hour session no tubes blew and no thermal meltdown.
My apologies for reviving an old thread, but I have a few questions that fit it well.

I have a pair of the Rogue Audio M-180 tube monoblocks; do I need to be concerned with the Zobel network when using the Goertz cables? It sounds like oscillation is not an issue with tube amps, correct? Also, my speakers have an impedance of 8 ohms pretty much flat across the spectrum; is this an issue with the cables' impedance stated as 2-4 ohms?