Goimg from XLR to RCA on a BehringerDCX 2496 Xover

I want to try a bi-amp experiment with a DCX 2496 however the outputs from my pre-amp and inputs to my amps are all RCA. I'd also like to use my existing interconnects which are RCA as well. Pre-amp is a PS Audio, amps are Electrocompaniet and Aragon.

Is this just a simple matter of getting XLR-RCA adapters and using them as is on both the inputs and outputs of the DCX? I've been looking on the web and it seems some thoughts are to tie pin #1 and #3 together on the adapter XLR's, others say to cut the jumper on #1 and #3, some say converters, etc. Can somebody describe the correct adapter configuration for me, if it is OK to just use them?

Just want the easiest solution to try this and don't want to blow anything up!
On the inputs to the DCX, using your rca cables with an adapter (which ties pins 1 and 3 together, as most or all adapters do) is fine. The only downside is that you will not have the rejection of common mode noise that using something like a Jensen transformer would provide. See this link:


Using an adapter on xlr outputs is a different story, though. Connecting pins 1 and 3 together shorts a signal (the "cold" or inverted signal on pin 3) to ground. That is USUALLY ok, but may cause damage or improper operation with some equipment. See this thread for an example of a situation where a problem was caused by connecting pins 1 and 3 together.

I would suggest checking with Behringer if you want to use an adapter at its outputs. Other alternatives are to obtain a cable that leaves pin 3 open (while connecting pin 2 to the center pin of the rca connector at the other end, and pin 1 via the cable shield to the rca ground sleeve), or to use a transformer as shown in the reference I linked to above.

-- Al