Golden Tube Preamp Woes Revisited

I recently purchased a pre owned golden Tube SEP-1 preamp w/ phonoboard, unfortunately w/out benefit of phono board installation guide. The phono stage output is very high, thus elevating the noise floor. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could tell me if the phono output can be lowered via/ switching the jumper configuration on the phono board.By Chuckaolcom on 07-17-00
Also, anyone reading this, I would be very interested in obtaining schematics for Golden Tube gear, especially the SEP1 preamp. Also, any idea on where to get parts? Following this will be answer for Chuckaolcom.
According to the phono board manual, these are the jumper settings for PB-1: Jumper 1...left ch...install 100 ohm resistor Jumper 2...left ch...install 47k ohm resistor Jumper 3...left ch...install=200pF loaded; remove 100pF loaded Jumper 4...left ch...for high output cartridges (3.0mV-6.0mV) Jumper 5...left ch...for medium output cartridges (1.0mV-3.0mV) Jumper 6...left ch...for low output carts (.5mV-1.0mV) Jumper 7...right ch...install 100 ohm resistor Jumper 8...right ch...install 47k ohm resistor Jumper 9...right ch...install=200pF loaded; remove=100pF loaded Jumper 10...right ch...for high output carts (3.0Mv-6.0mV) Jumper 11...right ch...for medium output carts (1.0mV-3.0mV) Jumper 12...right ch...for low output carts (.5mV-1.0mV) ...says also that Factory Setting is 47k ohm, 200pF loaded, medium gain. Good Luck!
My SEP-1, which sounded great, died a slow death. The volume started fading out, but would jump back to normal if I switched back and forth to mute, which I initially assumed was a switch oxidation problem. Then it wouldn't give any sound at all. My great local dealer Flip's Stereo is working on it, but schematics would make a big difference. Are there any out there?