good bass cable $100 new and used value 8ft

I am using a tekline cable for upper drivers and I am happy with it, need a good bass line for the low end of the Bi-wire...I am leaning towards silver cable for the fast response, or perhaps a Hybrid silver/copper, also am curious on solid run instead of strand wrap..all thoughts appreciated thanks Chad
My suggestion is to get a 12 gauge magnet wire (preferrably BAE) from Ebay for around $30 (120 feet). Terminate it with connectors you want or better yet go bare wire. This I believe is the exact cable that Paul Speltz sells as "Anti Cables". I tried it on my maggie 1.6QR (which if set up is not done right can be bass shy) and was very surprised how good the midbass and bottom end becomes. I just do not like how it presents the highs so I am using it now for my HT subs now.

jsut my opinion of course....
Well thats a good idea for me cause im using it just for my low cycles..thanks for the info, and love your gear!

I am really thinking about Eminent Technology Hybrid Planars....any thoughts??? thanks Chad
Hey Chad,

Sorry! I only had Martin Logans (Aerius, Aeon, then Ascents) and now maggies. So I cannot comment on the ET line of speakers.