Good Carts & Needles for playing Vintage 45's??

I love 45's and for years have noticed that they seem to distort much easier and way more than LP's ever do. I am wondering how many of you switch out carts when playing your 45's and if so what carts seem to work best. I am using a Kab Modded Technics 1200 MKII which I am quite happy with so far and for now a Shure MX97xe. Some 45's play great. Nice and loud with very little or no distortion at all, while others look nice but distort here and there.

This is something I have noticed for years and I really do love my 45's and would be very eager to purchase a cart specifically designed or at least capable of dealing with the loud cuts of vintage mono 45's. I'm sure there have been long threads about this before but I'm a newbie. Help me out! Do some Carts also help reduce surface noise on 45's? Is this more a matter of tracking weight than it is needle and cart? Both? I'm very curious.

In the meantime is it safe to increase my tracking force when playing 45's? That has helped in the past on previous set ups. Is this bad for my current needle and or 45's??
I've been through so many cartridges,at least 30 plus,and always found 45's to have more problems that Lp's don't seem to.I've never heard of anyone using a different one for 45's.They do seem to be harder than the Lp's vinyl.
I have read a bit about Conical stylus vs. Elliptical stylus for 45's. I think Conical may be Mono and sound a bit better on 45's? Not sure but curious if anyone uses different carts for 45's and LP's and what they have found.
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