Good Day for the Jazz Museum; Unlucky for me.

My neighbor who lived next door for 50 years and was a big Jazz fan is selling his house. I received an email from his daughter earlier this week, that they were going to have an estate sale this weekend. I had heard that he had a Huge Jazz Record Collection in the finished basement and that he would have late night sessions with his buddies. I have been dreaming of cherry picking this collection since receiving the email.

This morning, I saw two young guys loading box after box of records into a truck. I spoke to his daughter. Gina told me that her father had donated the records to a small Jazz Museum in town. She and her husband were well versed in the collection and the tube system that he had.

About 5000 - 6000 records. Original Blue Note and other, 1st pressings. My heart sank.

Guys getting into vinyl; this is exactly what you need to look for. This was a primo collection that was intact.

My collection of 60s thur 80s rock is much the same for the genre. I lived in Juneau, AK. There was a shop that specialized in audiophile vinyl when there were only 23,000 people in town. When I lived there; it was the coming of CDs. People were dumping their vinyl collections. In Seattle, WA too, which I visited regularly. I had just bought my LP12 in 1988. I cleaned up everything that I could afford. MoFi vinyl pressed by JVC, Toshiba Pro, CBS mastersound, Nautilus. UHQRs , ( sealed $35 and open $25 ) DSOM $60, Crime of Century $50. Completed the collection with a sealed Sgt Peppers in Chicago for $200. Buy them when you see them. The price will continue to rise.

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Good Luck
Good story, sorry it did not play out for you, though. Oh well, at least you can visit the jazz museum. Maybe it's a lending library??...hey, just a thought!