good horns less than $3000

I am looking to experience horn type speakers. I have never had any prior experience with this type of speakers. (Heard Avantgarde once, like them but not overly impressed) Any recommendations below $3000 and less than 100 lbs? This is going to be a third system so I'd like to keep cost and weigh low. I have Avalon speakers and quad ESl at home.
Used set of K-horns the best, not sure what the weight will be since the vintage can vary, but even with shipping at $500, the total bill will be under $3000. Benn there done that.
I'd second the Khorns, warnings about shipping, and do go for vintage 70's 80's versions rather than new. A local pair would be best. LaScalas will give you the same midrange and not nearly the bass (assuming you have two corners to put the Khorns into). Plenty of good tweaks to with either choice. With horns your choice in amplification is absolutely critical and can make or break your experience of the horns. Tubes and horns are a brilliant combination in general. SET, Triode, OTL would be my favorite combination, but others can work great too. In the SS realms I have not heard many that I've liked with Klipsch, but McIntosh would be an exception. You may want to go take a listen to a well setup horn system if you have not had much experience. They are quite different sounding than conventional speakers, and Quads as well. A'gon member, Peter_S has LaScalas in a secondary system, has had Quad 988's and now Avalon's in his main system. You may want to try contacting him for some input on the differences.
Many thanks fot the suggestion. How would the Khorns sound comparing to Omega speakers? Omega would be high efficiency but they don't look like a horn to me.
How would the Khorns sound comparing to Omega speakers?

A world apart. Omega's are single driver speakers in small-volume enclosure. They will not have the range, nor the lightening fast dynamics that a Khorn will. The only possible advantage they may have over the larger speakers is that they may image better, being a single driver design. Other than that, the Khorns will do a far more convincing job at rendering an illusion of a live performance in your listening room.
Having owned all of the mentioned speakers I'd vote for a pr. of JBL Olymus SR-7's or Apollo's SR-7's. LE-15a woofers and LE85 mid range compression drivers. Gonna be harder to find, but lots of fun to listen to. Check out the Lansing Heritage website for tons of info on JBL and Altec.
Cardersound is a company on this site that makes some nice looking horn speakers.