Goodmans Axiom 60 questions

Dig out from closet the ancient pair of Goodmans Axiom 60 with Alnico magnet.  Cone was in poor shape and could not be repaired, cabinet builder suggested re-cone so I went along.  New cone looked quite similar to original Goodmans cone, manufacture said it was OEM cone but I seriously doubt it.

Happily installed newly restored drivers into new cabinets with transmission line design.  Hooked it up to a Melody SP9 (KT88 40wpc integrated), it sounded horrible.  Treble was "shouty", I don't know if there is a better word to describe, but high frequency was very directional and shouts.  I had it plug into a cheap amp to break it in, after 10 hours it was slightly better but still far from listenable.

Questions to the full-range experts.  Is Tannoy or Goodmans shouty when new?

I also have a pair of Goodmans Trebax tweeter, but don't have XO5000 and haven't had luck on ebay for the past 6 months.  Anyone know the spec of XO5000 so that I can build my own crossover and move high frequency to the tweeter?