Gord Downie

Gord Downie, lead singer of Canada's The Tragically Hip, passed away last week at the age of 52. He had been suffering from a brain tumor for the past year, so this had been expected. The Hip is one of the best rock and roll bands to come out of Canada in the past 25 years. Their releases have all been consistently good and Downie's lyrics added a lot to the presentation. I discovered last night that he has released six solo albums including one coming out this week. I ordered his album performing with the Sadies because I liked a few of the samples and look forward to exploring more of his solo work.







Part of the story is that like the guys at Mussel Shoals, they liked where they were, they liked their lives and ..essentially..refused to compromise or do extensive tours. Tours that would have ripped their private lives apart.

Thus, the highest level of album sales in Canada on record (outsold everyone else!)...and not really known outside of Canada. They could have gone on to be as big as any other internationally known Canadian band or music personality, but they refused to compromise.

Historical Curio Tidbit: Taras, of Teo Audio, was, AFAIK, the first to record them. A bit of a story there.
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