GR Research Nxtremes - DIY reference speakers

For those interested in DIY,  I built a pair of GR research Nxtremes recently and documented the entire build.

I'm fortunate to have listened to the very best speakers in the world... at people's homes, shows, dealers and my own house.... These definitely compete with virtually anything out there.

I never name anything as the "best" since every room, every person's tastes and design trade-offs are a part of every speaker.  However the combination of strengths with this open baffle design and minimal trade-offs is pretty unique regardless of cost.

Going the do-it-yourself route isn't for everyone... In fact, it probably applies to less than 5% of audiophiles.  However, you can watch a relative newbie do it in my videos.

GR Research Nxtreme Speaker Build:

Awesome! I watch all of Danny's YouTube videos, as well as those of people who have built any of the GR Research models. I myself built the OB Sub, installing the woofers in a W-frame, the latter acquired as a flat pack. Not that difficult!

I'll search for your build video.
Gratz on the OB's really nice.

You shouldn't have to search for my videos on the build.  The link in my post should bring you to the playlist.
Congrats on finishing your NX-tremes. I haven't had a chance to hear this model, but I've been very impressed with my NX-Oticas and triple subs. My ceiling wasn't quite high enough to comfortably fit the taller model, but in the right room, these have to be pretty spectacular.