Graham arm silicon replacement - new product with higher viscosity

I discovered the silicone fluid in my Graham Phantom II arm had dried out, and in looking for a replacement, it seems that Graham has a new higher viscosity fluid out called Graham Engineering Cobalt Blue Silicone Damping Fluid

Aside from the high cost, it won’t be back in stock for over 2 months.

The previous suggested viscosity seems to 600,000 cSt but does anyone have any clues what the new formula will be or where to get an alternative?

I don’t want to wait 2-3 months.

In the interim I ordered the 600,000 from turntable basics but would love to play with higher viscosities since Graham feels there is a benefit.

So why not order some higher viscosity fluids and try them out?  Will Graham let you know the viscosity of their new fluid?  Probably not, because then you would not be forced to buy it from them at an inflated price.
Had a Graham 2.2 for years. Same design, same silicone well deal. All that changes is viscosity. All you are getting for the inflated markup is someone else's idea of what sounds best. Which is fine if you hear it and agree. Otherwise, for what it costs you could probably get 2 very different viscosities which by mixing you could have a dozen or as many as you want to try. Once you have a syringe or two and some Q-tips changing fluid is trivially easy. I just can't think of a single reason, outside of sheer laziness, to wait and pay. If it makes you feel better when you get the formula you like you could always write Emailist Engineering Topaz Blue Silicone Damping Fluid and stick it on there.