Graham Phantom MK2 with Micropoise question

I have a Graham Phantom MK2 with the Micropoise, DV XV-1s mounted on a TW-Raven One table.

How accurate is the Micropoise.

With this specific table manufacture with arm and cart combo how do you have your arm set-up, level with the table so the bubble shows level or ....

Sonically what are you hearing with the arm level or not level with this specific cart and table manufacture, doesn't have to be the Raven One.

When you set this up what gram of record did you have in place.

I level the table first which is independent of the arm bubble level.

The arm bubble level is for VTA adjustment. When the bubble is dead centered between the front and back lines on the Micropoise, that means, I assume, the arm is level to the platter. That is the starting point for VTA adjustment.

I use 180 gram vinyl for VTA adjustment since most of my LPs are 180g.
I agree with Audiolui. Level the table and the Micropoise will tell you when the arm is level, and give you a good starting point for fine tuning the VTA.

When you get VTA dialed in, note the position of the bubble wrt to the indicator lines. You can then adjust the VTA to repeat that setting for records of other thicknesses.
thx so far for the responces, I realize the table must be level first which it is but what I was kinda asking is what do you have yours set at.

Do you have the arm adjusted so it's level, if not sonically what do you find the differences to be, specifically using the combo I mentioned above.
Oh I see. You are trying to get what VTA we use for the Raven and XV-1s? I had the XV-1s on a Clearaudio table before. Unfortunately, I never own a Raven. When I had the Clearaudio table, I set the arm nosing up a bit. But then my Graham arm was the MKI, which didn't have the Micropoise. Sorry not able to address your question.
I have a Phantom II and XV1s and have found the best results on my Raven AC-3 to be when the arm is perfectly parallel with the platter ie the bubble on the Micropoise is dead centre and the VTF is 1.9gm.
How accurate is the Micropoise?

It is accurate. The VTA depends on the records you use, the cutting angle from older ones is different. When you don't trust it, check the level from the Turntable + Armboard. When the Armboard is not accurate, the Arm won'tl be, too.
Hi Audiolui yes you are correct just wondering what other TW owners with the Phantom MK II and XV-1s combo are setting their VTA at and sonically what they are hearing with the arm set perfectly parallel with the platter ie the bubble on the Micropoise being dead centre as per what Halco mentioned or not.

Halcro thx, I'll try that. What do you notice soncially when the VTA is not set as such, what are you loading it at?
The Halcro DM10 preamp has a fixed loading for MCs of 220 Ohms.
Setting VTA and VTF as well as Azimuth by ear, is a complex equation of achieving the best midrange, bass and treble with the most depth and transparency and greatest soundstage width and height.
In other words....trying to extract the 'magic' and maximum potential of each cartridge you may mount.
It is not easy and it may take many weeks (and it may change over time which is a real bummer)......but practice makes it easier.
From your question I get the impression that you have tried altering VTA and don't hear dramatic changes?
Unfortunately (or fortunately for all those who don't mess with these adjustments) Dev, the changes aren't dramatic or easily obvious but lots of practice and experimentation will eventually give you the confidence to proceed in a logical fashion.
Good luck.