Great comanes to deal with?

Pass Labs is An absolutely terrific company to deal with, in terms of answering questions, servicing products and of course offering outstanding equipment. Many companies are good. Pass is among the greats!

I've also had amazing experiences with Bryston and Rogue. Rogue is really exemplary!
These companies treat you with respect and take their time to answer all your questions a true pleasure to work with and they also and most importantly have the knowledge and experience to make the proper recommendations.

Reno HiFi
Pass Labs
PBN Audio
Crystal Clear Audio
Of ourse I agree with Pass. Never bought anything from Reno but they have been helpful. PBN- never bought a PBN product but I have bought gear from Peter. It was an exemplary transaction

I don't care for companies that don't want to deal with us- the end users.
There are a few companies i've dealt with that I consider standouts where customer service is concerned... Pass Labs, Atma-sphere, SVS, Placette, Wyred4Sound and VAC are all simply exemplary in this regard.