great find for cooling receiver Notepal U3 $30

I am using a Marantz SR6005 as my HT receiver. One of the few complaints about it has been the heat the darn thing throws off. Mine is sitting in a open rack, but it is stuck in a corner with a shelf about 4" above it... The unit get very warm when pushed and I beleive I hear a degredation of the sound quality after extended demanding listening. Over the last few months I started playing around with various 12v computer fans / mounting. They all worked very well to cool the unit but were noisy.

I was researching silent fans and came across the CoolMaster Notepal U3 found it for less than $32 delivered... ... it has three positionable USB powered fans. At the mid to low speed setting they are inaudible... It sits atop the receiver like it was made to be there, it looks great (what little you can see) and it has a 1 year warrantee.... I have no affiliation with this company nor with any company that does business with them yada yada yada
Way to go. I've used laptop coolers with all my tube equipment and have found it improves the sound, extends the tube life and puts off costly repairs. Since the cost of these cooler units is so low, it is a no brainer. Everyone should heed this advice.