Great Service from Synergistic Research

A couple of months ago someone posted a thread about poor service. and Synergistic Research was mentioned without any details. My experience was perfect. And I believe in compliments when they are due. A few weeks ago I contacted Synergistic Research about changing the iec on my designer Reference2 A prompt reply gave me the price and told me to have the cable there on June 13. In the mean time I decided that I might want to include the Active shielding. A phone conversation with Scott gave me all of the information and the cable was shipped. Exactly one week later on the 20 my cable came back andf I am currently enjoying it in my system. A BIG thanks to all of the people at Synergistic Research, WELL DONE
Thank you for sharing your favorable experience with Synergistic Research. Your contribution helps us all.
I have had all positive experiences with them as well (and my dealer has only praise too - and that is hard to come by from him)...