Greatest Guitar Band

I thought just before Christmas I'd get a good thread going. IMHO,the greatest guitar band was the Yardbirds, not because E Clapton,or J Beck, or J Page was in it but because Chris Deja, and Paul Samwell-Smith were great rhythm and bass guitarists that could rock and keep up with the above. Plus Jim McCarty the drummer could keep the group in line and fine harmonica work from Keith Relf(ok not the greatest vocalist, more of a finesse singer).They had it all, I cannot think of another band that had three great guitarists in the band at one time(J Beck, C Deja, P Samwell-Smith). In 1967, when J Beck and J Page were in the band togther as co-lead guitars, they were the lead in band for the rolling stones, they just blow them away,ok, that is not a fair comparison considering the rolling stones still cannot play their instruments very well. But in comparison to say Led Zepplin, LZ did not have a rhthym guitarist(except J Page would overdub that part on recordings). That made them sound not as well rounded live as far as guitar work is concerned. I am not saying LZ was a bad band on the contrary,they put on probably the best show ever, but I do not consider them a guitar band per se. Besides, J Page stole vitually from his former band anyway. Remember "How Many More Times" is a repackaged version of the YBs "Smokestack Lightning", a Howlin Wolf tune. YBs version is in my mind the best rock song ever. So what do you think????
Cornfed is on the mark. Great guitar bands (and guitarists) with a wide range of attributes are still coming out of the woodwork. Using one yardstick to measure who is the greatest is.... Anyway, here a few I haven't seen listed yet:
Arcana (1st w/ Derek Bailey, 2nd w/Buckethead)
Attention Deficit
Automatic Fine Tuning (if you have this please email me)
Be Bop Deluxe
Alex Candeleria Trio
Nels Cline
Coeure Magique
Miles Davis (Agharta band)
Fire Merchants
Gambale/Smith/Hamm (Jeff Beck could have made a record like their 1st one if he'd have kept growing and worked his ass off)
Guru Guru (Dance of the Flames/Kanguru)
Harriet Tubman (Prototype)
Judas Priest (Saw them clobber the piss out of anything they've done on record).
Kraan (Live 74)
T.J.Kirk (3 guitars 1 drummer)
Loch Ness (Mexican Sabbath/Crimson instumental, crude but very effective)
Fiuczynski's Headless Torsos
Nekropsi (brilliant Turkish instrumental dual guitar smokers)
New Trolls(UT/Concerto Grosso pt.1)
Nova (Blink)
Thin Lizzy
Trettioariga Kriget (a catalog described their 1st as "astoundingly complex guitar dominated rock) that was a big understatment.
There are lots of great 80s/90's hair farmers left out that desreve mention too.
Allman Brothers Band, past and present line ups. Have y'all heard Warren Haynes? Incrediable guitar player. Dereck Trucks is the other guitar player, he is no slough either!