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Best speakers under $500? Fire away!
Dayton mk 402 
Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?
At $300 Zipp is at the high end of the scale for essentially a speaker that has no seperation. At half the cost, would be looking @ JBL, etc 
Mirage omnisats: alternative stand options
How do these fair on music? I have a nice sub, so bass is covered. 
$1500 bookshelf speakers with laid-back highs?
Vandersteen by a large margin 
Full range or subwoofer with bookshelfs for best bass at low to moderate volume?
Another factor: room + musical tastes. If I gravitated towards electronic, dub,etc the sub angle would be more attractive. However, no sub at all beats one that is improperly set up. So I went low risk, high reward. 
Full range or subwoofer with bookshelfs for best bass at low to moderate volume?
I opted for the full range approach, albeit in a large monitor form. The main proponent being cost. An entry level musical sub will be 1-2k, an added cost I wanted to avoid. Plus subs are finicky: placement, crossover, gain. Always go the path of ... 
Infinity IRS Betas
Definitely a nostalgic factor and what the current market demands are. As someone who grew up with a pair, they are a high gamble today, as components , even high end ones, deteriorate and become compromised over time. 10k new or used with more re... 
Speaker recommendation for married couple
Sonus Faber have a high WAF plus exceptional sound. Maybe mix it up and steer away from Brit companies: Revel, etc. Vandersteens a tough sell: they are butt ugly. 
3 options: bookshelfs
Update: I ended purchasing both BA + Kefs. I sold the Kefs rather quickly due to the following: boxey, overly warm, flabby bass, and an overall 'wet blanket'. To be fair, their Uni Q technology was in it's infancy, but still, very disappointing. R... 
Best speakers under $500? Fire away!
Really hard to beat BA in this category. Their new A series with a return to a dome tweeter is a nice addition. In the used market I prefer the older lines that dont utilize the V metal tweeter. These are plentiful and affordable, although some mi... 
Turntable help
Update: arm is in down position when attempting to lock. Im going to upgrade my catridge next week. Sounds look a quick fix for my local hifi tech. 
Get my turntable fixed or buy a new one?
Side note: performance wise, how does the parasound rate?  
Get my turntable fixed or buy a new one?
Nice system. U have a repair estimate?  
Thrift buy : Klipsch Reference 3
Besides the reference series, what other dual 8 towers would be somewhat comparable in performance? 
Thrift buy : Klipsch Reference 3
Anybody familiar with F-3 model?