Groove Note Records Announces 1'st R2R Titles

I just received an exciting announcement from Groove Note that I thought I should share:

Groove Note Records is proud to announce its first series of audiophile true studio
master quality reel to reel releases. The first three titles will be launched during the
forthcoming June 2013 THE Show at Newport Beach.

The titles are:
1. Jacintha - Here's To Ben (GRV1001)
2. Roy Gaines - I Got The T-Bone Walker Blues (GRV1002)
3. Anthony Wilson - Jack of Hearts (GRV1046)

All the Groove Note releases will be true 2nd generation masters and will sound as
close to original master reference quality as possible. The original analogue masters
(1/4 or 1/2 inch 30 ips) will be replayed off the highly modified and rebuilt Studer A80
in the Bernie Grundman mastering room via the Grundman EQ board direct to ATR102
reproduction machines (rebuilt and customised onboard electronics) running in slave at
1/4 inch 15 ips.

The mastering and EQ of all the reel to reel titles will be done by Bernie Grundman. All
tapes will include reproductions of the original cover art and a 1K alignment tone.

The SRP of each set of tapes is $600.

I have a dupe of the "Best of Jacintha" made by Bernie Grundman with Groove Note's permission which I have played at many shows over the years & I can safely tell you that the Jacintha titles are some of the finest sounding music you can find.

Drop by the San Clemente suite during the Newport Show & we'll play some of the Groove Note tapes for you...

Philip O'Hanlon
On A Higher Note
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As always, it should be about the music. So, best to check out the cd of the music, before committing $600. I have a few high quality R2R re-issues, but I have found unless you are really into the music itself, you will be disappointed.

Thanks for the heads-up. What kind of a reel to reel tape deck will you need to play these?

From reading your info above, I assume these are 10 1/2" reels to be played back on a 1/4" 15ips machine? Is this correct? Are these part of the "Tape Project"?
Hi Mofimadness,

These will be released as 1/4 inch two track at 15 ips so you'll need a machine that plays 15 ips. They will be mounted on 2 separate 10.5 inch reels.

These are not part of the Tape Project.