Groovey Records Best LP Phonograph Records of 2006

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It is already the 10th of January and I think now is the time to reflect on all the musical riches of 2006. We may have been premature listing 2006 's best while the clock was ticking, now with the benifit of hindsight let's name our Top 3 favorite LP Record Releases of 2006. Sorry no reissues, and DVD or CD only recordings need not apply.

My Picks

1) Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint-The River in Reverse-Verve Forcast

This record has it all, the New Orleans Horn Section of Sea-Saint Studios arranged and charted by Alan Toussaint, Sessionmen that include the members of the Meters. Classic Toussaint compositions and new songs from the good old boy himself, Elvis the mouth almighty.

A richly layered recording with edgy sounds and rhythms laced around poignent and topical lyrics. The River in Reverse resonates far beyond the hurricaine tides of current events that brought these masters of craft together. This record trancends the tragedy and lays the music down.

2) The New York Dolls- One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This -Roadrunner Records

A real Rock and Roll Record 30 years after they walked up Saint Mark's Place and Stood in front of the Gem Spa for the First Time. Doc Pomus would be Proud

from Rolling Stone

"David Johansen is no longer twenty-four, so this reunion album surprises by revealing the dirty little secret beneath the Seventies Dolls' playful pansexuality: religious emotion. "Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano" is explicitly pagan; "Take a Good Look at My Good Looks" begins, "Spirit slumbers in nature and awakens in mind" before asking, "So what if this old world is just artifice?" Everywhere Johansen mourns mortality and celebrates contingency in the most searching lyrics of the year -- lyrics deepened by how much fun the band is having"

3) Neil Young- Living with War-Reprise Records

From Acoustic Sounds

Excuse me, is this 1969, during the time when Rock bands released an album every nine to 12 months and they were all great? Last summer Neil Young recorded what will likely be remembered as one of his best albums ever in Prairie Wind and then eight months later delivers a new protest album that will make even the most conservative thinkers rethink the state of the world. Maybe it takes the wisdom of time and experience to drill down to the heart of issues these days instead of the open mindedness of youth as in the past. It isn't one of the newer bands on the scene shining a light on the ugly side of human nature, they are all trying to sell a million records (make that five million records) so that they can buy that house in the Hills. Instead it is the old man of ROCK AND ROLL that delivers the familiar one-two punch that makes people question the course we are on. Regardless of your politics, Living With War will rock your world and hit a chord that needs to be struck.

Listening to John Lee Hooker -The Healer- Classic Records

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Thanks! Your list is everything a "best of" should be:

1. Short!
2. Interesting
3. Descriptive
agree with the new york dolls...also the new radio birdman..also big star-in space
thanks for the reviews, had the river in reverse in my hands and put it back, going to grab it next time, thanks groovy, mike