Growing list of current modern artists

The "roaring" 20's again blast with great new music and my list of new artists that I hunt for records and other released media has grown almost as large as list of artist I've been listening to previously mostly dominating 80's music.

Does anyone feel that music in general is getting somewhat better than 10 years ago let's say?


Not really. There are some good new artists of course, and some older ones still making good music, but if you grew up in the 60's, I guess the bar is set pretty high. There are so many sound-alike bands out there that will be forgotten in a short time.

I’ve just realized that I have accumulated hundreds of modern artists on vinyl, CD and downloads and enjoy them as I would enjoy 80’s music. I grew up in 80-90’s, but I do not discriminate music by generations. If the artist good today, he gets my immediate attention and that’s how my shelf filled up with stuff released post 2015 and continues to fill-up and on the contrary if I find artist fairly unique from 60s-70s, the reaction is the same. I forgot the last time I’ve listened to Pink Floyd.



Another deep pool of talent worth diving into is the music made before the era you grew up in, and have yet to hear. There was a lot being made in the 40's and 50's, a time before most here were alive (or at least listening to music).

Louis Jordan was making Jump Blues in the 40's, as was Big Joe Turner. Both were a big influence on the first generation of Rock 'n' Rollers (Turner recorded "Shake Rattle And Roll" before Bill Haley, and I much prefer his version). The other side of that coin was the Hillbilly music all the Sun Records artists were listening to on The Grand Old Opry and the radio stations broadcasting the music throughout the south in the 1940's and 50's, where Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, and the other Memphis white boys heard the music they mixed in with the Jump Blues they heard in local juke joints to create Rockabilly.

If you've heard "Train Kept A-Rollin" only by Aerosmith, wait 'til you hear it by The Rock 'n' Roll Trio (Johnny Burnette, his Brother Dorsey, and guitarist Paul Burlinson---a hero to and huge influence on Jeff Beck)!