Gryphon Diablo 300

New incarnation of already excellent SS integrated from the Danish Gryphon Audio is presented in Munich Hi-Fi show. Except of changed appearance that follows design of flagship Mephisto they improved preamp and power. Now it goes 300W 8 Ohm - 600W 4 Ohm and 950W in 2 Ohm.If someone had a chance to hear it at Munich please share your experience with us...

Obviously, a BJT (bi-polar) transistor output design, Mosfets and especially tubes have no chance getting these figures from an output stage.
Should be a killer amp for those hard to drive high-end speakers like the Wilson Alexia, B&W D's and their off-springs and similar type speakers.

Cheers George
I had a chat with importer of Gryphon in my country and he told me Diablo 300 did not played at Munich, it was only show off piece...if i understood him well it will be available in 4 months time, raw version will cost about 15K euros and full version with dac and phono built in about 25K euros...not bad for only little disappointment is not doubling at 2 Ohms to 1200W but realisticly it has monster power for class A/B integrated...
agree with George that it must be a BJT output device.
agree with Raindog031 that it's a monster power output for an integrate in the on-going tradition of Gryphon Audio. I really like their stuff but I do find it a bit dark sonically.
I just order my diablo 300 without dac/module, i want to know it will be a good match with wilson audio sabrina?i have denafrips terminator top of the line dac in denafrips im not sure it will be better than diablo dac module?and im using aurender n10 player

Im using audioquest hurricane power cord it will be good with the300?

I hope i can git some answers or somebody allready try somthing i have it will be great to know !!

Last thing if somthing will be better than wilson sabrina (with diablo 300)wich speaker is that and how big will the differance??!! ...thanks..
The Aq hurricane should be awesome with it.  I’m using Ansuz power cord and they blew away the previous Shunyata generation pc.   I do use a Denali but I plug the Diablo 300 directly into an outlet and all other components into the Denali.   Gryphon states that this is the best way.  I have tried both ways and I don’t hear much difference so I just followed manufacturers recommendations.
I use a Hurricane with my Diablo 300 and it works great!   Give it some time to break in, though.

i can’t speak to the Sabrina, but I would think it would really well know the sonic signature of the 300 and listening to the Sabrina’s a couple of times.(I’m using Sopra 3s)

Im using a Chord Dave in conjunction with a N10 feeding the system and it sounds very 3D.

Congrats on your purchase!
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Thanks a lot rshad0000 for responding

I reseive my diablo 300 tow days ago after listning i think somthing is wrong! the bass is not tight engoph and not controled how much time i have to wait for brrak in period? , it could be from the dac even i dont know if the belt in dac wi be better or not? i use ultra high end components with the diablo 300 it should blow me away?!, wilson sabrina,aurender N10,denafrips terminator dac, audioquest hurricane pc,audioquest diamond aes/ebu,audioquest diamond earth xlr's....

All these cable are nsw cables eccept hurricane pc i have it from a while its allready breaked in
I hope my problem be solved after 200 houers..

I dont think sabrina will not match with the 300 any thougts...? I will give it a week countenues playing and then i will see what's the differance.
Thanks Dguitarnut for responding 

I ordered some cables from sablon,bocchine (king)sablon pc,panetla reserva sc,panetela reserva xlr's,panatela reserva AES.

I hop it can do a magic for my system becouse i read a lot of reviwes about thoes cable any thougts..?