Gryphon Essence Stereo vs Pass Labs XA series

Good Evening All,

I am upgrading my front end to power my B&W 802D3's. I have an interest in both brands. Could anyone elaborate on their experiences? I'm particularly interested in the Pass XA 60.8 or XA160.8 compared to the Gryphon Essence. The specs on the Essence are crazy good, especially the capacitance. I'm not sure if the XA 60.8 has enough juice to tame the B&W's? I do love my bass and a liquid midrange; the highs are not as important. I just love the class-A sound. More than likely, I will be utilizing a DAC/Preamp direct to either of the brands, but that will be another discussion. I'm looking for my endgame amp. I am getting tired of the chase!



Would think the Pass 60.8 would have more power and current than a stereo Essence.  A mono pair of Essence may be a different story, but then again it costs triple the smaller Pass, and near double the 160.8.

I've heard both but never a chance in the same system.

Kinda different market segments.

Good luck!

X350.8 vs Essence. As close to what you’re looking for as you can probably get.

The core sound signature of Pass Labs is the same throughout the range. As you go up the line you get better power supplies, lower noise and more refined sound.