Gryphon Mephisto

Hello boys and girls. Yesterday the Gryphon Mephisto arrived. Wow!! The unit will continue to open up due to it sitting for several months. It is a beast! With the flight case around 300LBS. The delivery guy and myself were grunting!! This is an impressive piece of gear. This was actually Jay's Mephisto. I have to send him kudos, his observations were spot on and very accurate. You sometimes hear people speak of sonic profiles or certain observations and wonder if its accurate. Again, he encapsulated the units profile perfectly. Incredible control! I have Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20's, Cardas Clear speaker cables, Furutech Power Cords, with Furutech Rhodium NCF Outlets, and Cardas Clear Beyond XLR. No pre in the chain. Directly from my Emm Labs DV2. I tried it with the Pre in the chain, I prefer it directly from the DV2. The low noise floor is the first observation. Detail, micro-detail, complete control over any speaker. Its incredibly fast. Bass is off the charts. Head-Room to spare. The unit itself is quiet, no white noise or any noise for that matter from the tweeter or mid-range.  My listening room is huge, 30X26X26H, I laugh when people say you don't need all that power with the JA 20/20's. Maybe not in a hotel room. With this massive amount of cubic feet, power is a huge denominator. I would be quite content with this unit for many years to come. However the Mephisto Solo's would be very interesting. No one knows where this obsession takes them. Double the current, everything the Stereo Unit does, the Solo's do even better (Hard To Imagine). IF I decide to go Solo's it wouldn't be until the end of this year or beginning of next. Stay tuned!
Was lucky enough to get to listen to a pair of Mephisto Solos driving a pair of Wilson XVXs for a few hours a couple of months back.  Based on that, I can definitely say you are in for some very fine sound.  Congratulations!
Congratulations and enjoy! If you ever get a chance,  i highly recommend you listen to the Solos. 

Thanks Fellows, I am caught up with this piece. 16 hours of listening in two days. Its just getting better, I fired it up at 6am today, even out of the gate it performs. You can throw anything at it, Complex Classical, Jazz, Instrumental, what ever. Gryphon recommends its at its peak 45 minutes in! Cold (its really not cold as its in standby) it raises your head up! I was making coffee and I’m staring over with my mouth open! This thing is like a thoroughbred. It wants to run and show you what it can do. I’ve been playing with this crap for a long time. My first serious rig was Phase Linear 400, 2000 Pre, Revox A77 real to Real. ( the one made in Switzerland not Germany) This Mephisto helps one appreciate the journey with this obsession. It makes you forget all the missteps we have all made!
For the Solo’s one would have to reconsider speakers. I love my JA 20/20’s, they do everything right. However the Solo’s would need a much better partner. Magico, Rockports, something custom made? That’s a serious commitment and I’m not sure if I can go that deep in? In the scheme of it all life is short. What ever it should be, if it brings one joy and passion, embrace it. John