Gryphon Mojo S or MBL 120’s?

Evening Goners!
Hope everyone is staying safe and sound during these crazy days.!
I am setting up a second Den audio/video system and have been amazed at the progress of monitor speakers in the last 5 to 7 years!
My main speakers are dynamic drivers that, to me, tow that very fine line of energy,musicality while not becoming aggressive,hot,overtly detailed and fatiguing ...
I have always loved the sound of the MBL 101e as an omnidriven speaker but the cost was waaay too high! :-(
I have been through Sonus Faber, Gryphon, MBL, Wilson Benesch, Gamut as my small circle of contenders and have narrowed it down to the two above...
I would truly like to keep this thread on point by discussing these two brands and speakers only!
What you like about them, dislike,customer service,resale etc.
Thanks to all!
I have heard the latest MBL 101 speakers and if I had the right room, would own them in a heartbeat.  I believe the 120 are a scaled down version of the big boys.  To me it would be a no brainer to get the 120’s If you have the room to set them up properly.  I have never heard a Gryphon speaker so I can’t make a comparison.