GTA SE-40 Service Manual now available

Along with the team at the Golden Tube group at on Yahoo, I've assembled a comprehensive service manual for maintaining the Golden Tube Audio SE-40 power amp.

The service manual covers tube swaps, proper biasing, and troubling shooting. The directions contained in various Audiogon threads are WRONG. This manual has the CORRECT procedure.

Hope this is helpful.

I've just arrived here and I'm just learning about my newly acquired SE-40 and its companion Sep-1. Loving the sound and I'd like to keep it that way. Could you provide me with the service manual and the user's manual (if there is one) so I can study them, please?
Thanks very much,

Heidelberg, Germany
I would like a copy.

Is it available on the Yahoo group? I was a member for many years, but am rejoining now. Recently got my SE40 SE back up and running on the original tubes. Looking for output tube suggestions. Wondering if any KT66 KT88, or KT120's work well.
I have two of those- inherited from a friend and not used in some time.
bith sound great but eventually a tube on each glows a little bright for my comfort level. Do they likely need service or just re bias? Can anyone help? Thanks
I just got one and want to restore/upgrade it.  I'm going to get the Sonic Craft kit.  I saw the top entry about the Yahoo group having a manual.  I've tried to join it 3 times.  They say to talk about your gear and why you want to join so it won't get rejected as spam.  I did, and still got rejected.  Wonder what's up with that.
Hi everyone, would highly appreciate if anyone of y’all could share the comprehensive service manual for maintaining the Golden Tube Audio SE-40 power amp on my email

I tried going on the above mentioned Yahoo Groups link but it says I have to be a member of the group :(

Would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this. Thank you 😊