Gurf Morlix gives a great interview to Otis Gibbs.

Otis Gibbs is a solo singer/songwriter who records interviews with other artists as he and they cross paths in their musical journeys, and then posts them on his YouTube channel. Lots of great stories to be heard!

This week Otis posted a number of videos in which he speaks with Gurf Morlix, best known as the guitarist and producer of Lucinda Williams in the mid-80’s to late-90’s. This video includes Gurf’s days with Lucinda, along with lots of other fun stuff.

In one of the other videos this week, Gurf recounts how he blew his opportunity to join Dylan’s band.



Steve: As I have recounted before I was fortunate enough to see Lucinda and Gurf along with drummer Donald Lindley and bassist Dr. John live a few times when they were recording the Rough Trade album, again after that album came out, and then when the Car Wheels album came out.

I witnessed them going from playing on tiny stages (I saw them in a pizza parlour ;-) to the stage of The Troubadour (because of the Rough Trade album) in just a coupla years. With the success of the Car Wheels album she was playing large theaters, but by then Gurf had left the band (being replaced by Kenny Vaughan, now of Marty Stuart's fantastic band The Fabulous Superlatives), Donald Lindley had died, and Dr. John was concentrating on his medical practice.

Perhaps because my memory of first hearing her perform the Rough Trade album material made such an impression on me, that album remains my favorite of hers.