Gutwire Cable Needed?

Has anyone tried a Gutwire grounding cable--Ultimate or Perfect--connected to a Yggy Dac or Ayre preamp?  

I ask because the Ayre and Yggy--as far as I can tell--seems so quiet as they are. Does this suggest that the circuit board to be grounded by the Gutwire is already well grounded? Yes? No?  

I really want to try a Gutwire but am lacking the proper self-justification needed to make the buy!!


If it sounds quiet, then it seems there is not a lot that would be fixed by adding it?

Your comment make sense, of course, yet I wonder if there isn't that next level of quiet that I cannot detect until I have heard it. Its the choke hold this hobby has, I am afraid. 

As a rational justification…
If you ran the line output into a sound card, then maybe that could be used as a way to record what is there when playing nothing.

I was doing this yesterday, and also upgrading the OS on the computer to get a better analysis solution.

But I also try and have a choke hold on my wallet.

If the before and after of the addition of the Gutwire showed a change then we can determine the worth.
But if there is no change, then it would not be worth adding even it it were to be free.

The irrational part of us is strong, and can justify many things.

Good thinking.

To further my transparent delusion,I have been trading calls with Ayre to learn if they ground their circuit boards, although I strongly suspect that they do.  Same for Schiit Audio, but suspect I will learn that my illogical need for justification won't be satisfied from them, either. 

If I fail, its a french dinner, expensive perfume and probably (more) shoes for my wife. 


I often yearn for someone to show that these things work on a plot, graph or measurement.