Halcyonics Accurion Silencer

So this past Saturday I received one of the 2 Silencers I purchased. I found out the other is at home waiting for me as I type this. So, here is my take on what it does. The unit is HEAVY to the tune of about 70 pounds, you can easily see that this is a professional piece of lab gear with a pretty face-plate for the audiophile market. I placed the unit on my Bassocontino rack and then set the AMR DP 777 atop the Silencer. Next I unlocked and level adjusted the unit. I played a couple of tracks (with the unit on, but NOT in Active Isolation mode(Jane Monheit, Diana Krall, Eva Cassidy, Peter Belasco...etc) in order to get a baseline.

The key word is focus focus focus. The Silencer focuses the sound akin to a fine Leica lens. My system already sounded pretty awesome (to me :), but with the silencer a continuity and flow that I previously had NO idea was missing appeared. Also, think of the movies from the fifties when a close-up of a woman was shot, usually it was with a gel to soften her face and make the lady of interest appear more effeminate. The music without the Silencer is much akin to the gels of the 50's movie industry, with the Silencer everything is brought into sharp relief.

Not harsh relief, simply more information and a far better communicative expression from those ones and zeros. Now at first I wasn't sure it was doing anything (this was before I played music as I was trying to eyeball the operation of the unit) as we are talking about a device designed originally for AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes) with resolution in the nano-meter range. So, like any good audiophile I took a glass of water and placed it atop my AMR Dac which was atop the Silencer. I then place it in inactive mode and used my index finger to tap my rack forcefully. I easily saw ripples in the liquefied grapes. Next I placed the Silencer in Active Isolation Mode and repeated the procedure... NOT A SINGLE RIPPLE, NOT ONE and this is with the rack visibly being rattled.

One curious think I noted is that while I liked 99% of the songs I listened to FAR better with the Silencer in A.I. mode, I did note a couple which were less involving when the unit was actively isolating... Guess there really is no audio panacea.

In my opinion it is like a refiners fire and one must possess a high resolution system to fully appreciate the unit.

I placed the amp (modified Graaf OTL Modena) and pre (MFA Reference TVC) on the Silencer but was not overly impressed. I thought it was subtractive under the amp and the pre offered minimal gains. The Dac was the main reason for the purchase and it works very very well in that position. I am building an active (analog) crossover which will most likely occupy the second unit.

So, am I glad I bought the Silencers? Absolutely!!!! For the amps, I had planned to buy Minus K passive isolation units, however, after the less than dazzling test of the amp on the Silencer I will forego that route. The Minus K units are designed for AFM units as well and are the real deal. Some like them more than the active systems and they are not as crazy expensive. The 50BM-8 is like $2695.00.

Now another surprise...the AMR fuse for my Graaf arrived.... OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I would not have believed a fuse could make such a difference. I have some HifFi tuning fuses and I was not impressed at all, I really didn't hear a lot of difference with the Hifi tuning fuses... but these were not the latest and greatest Hifi tuning options. I think they were about $50 each (the HiFi tuning fuses). It (AMR fuses) totally makes the unit sound like I replaced it with a Modena which cost $20k more. More body, no glassy sound.... Yes I know; the Graaf does not sound glassy but in comparison to the unit with the stock fuse it does have a glassy quality. The AMR is one of the biggest improvements I have EVER made to my system..., go figure.
So something I have noted concerning the Silencer and perhaps other Active systems like the Silencer is that it is possible for the device to OVER-DAMP some equipment. I like the MFA Reference preamp on the Silencer in passive mode but not in Active Isolation mode. I find that in A.I. mode the Silencer kills some of the harmonic content and the decay of fundamentals (I use the word fundamental loosely).

It is a great device and under my AMR dac it is stellar, but I think I will try a Minus K 50BM-8 for the MFA unit
Thanks for sharing. I had the Halcyonics unit on loan a few years back, and it did improve the sound of my CDP. At the time I decided to upgrade the speakers first.
Hi Elbroth2: I can definitely understand the route you went. I think it is like a the finishing touch for a fine dish. Get the major spices right and then add the very subtle things to top ti off :) The second Silencer is still packed in the flight case but I do have plans for it.
Depends on the exchange rate, but about $15k. Not cheap but then it is German and it is a piece of gussied up lab equipment.

I currently have an Ayon CD5s on the silencer and it definitely advances the sound of that very very fine unit. Burning the Ayon in :) I still have my AMR Dac. I can not comment on the differences in sound on the Ayon and AMR yet as it would not be fair to the CD5s ; it only has about 47 hours on it. I will start another thread to contrast the two units after the Ayon is run in.
Hi Audiofun,
I saw on usaudiomart that you are selling both Silencers. Any particular reason why?
Sorry, I am just now seeing this. Both units are gone. I am sold them due to a change in my DP777 which made it no longer an improvement under that device. I had 2 of the units in anticipation of a new Ref 2 box dac from AMR but that item may not come into being so I decided to sale them both :)
if a component improves focus, it will make bad recordings sound worse and great recordings sound better.