Hales Concept Two with "upgraded" tweeters?

I have traded for a pair of Hale Concept Twos that have an "upgraded" tweeter. I am the 3rd owner. The first owner, according the 2nd, "upgraded" the tweeters. The face plate does have the HDG (Hale Design Group) stamp. Upon accessing the back of the tweeter, the motor assembly does appear to be an original D26AG-38-04. The main difference seems to be the dome material, what I suspect may be a textile dome, rather than the original metal. Or it could be a soft-dome, but not sure how to make that determination. The lens/faceplate is also different from any of the pictures I've seen on other Hale speakers.

My main complaint is how strident this pair sounds.They produce great low end bass and image quite good. Imaging, or sound stage, is actually quite incredible. I'll also add that these are very dynamic too. This pair lacks in overall tonal balance and requires significant equalization to sound good.

After running Dirac LE room correction, my preliminary assessment of the speakers is confirmed. This pair of Concept Twos ("upgraded" tweeters) need a lot of help to sound good. Once Dirac was run and applied the change is quite astonishing. Dirac + Hales = Formidable Sound Combination.
For comparison I have used Dirac on a pair of M&K LCR750THX speakers and they're relatively flat to about 100 Hz at the lower end and are designed to be run with a subwoofer. The M&Ks are the best measuring speakers I've measured in my setup, but aren't quite as dynamic, or involving, as some other speakers I've owned. The Hales are close to best I've heard, once eq'd, but are have the worst measurements I've seen and some of the worst sounding to date without it.
Any ideas to what these need to be improved? I'd like to be able to use these without room correction and have some flexibility to put these in a dedicated 2-channel setup, but they're unacceptable to use in such a scenario in their current state. Will these require a crossover makeover, or do you think I have some worn crossover components? Here is a link for the Hales measurements: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KehuN89RPzb87kQn9
And for comparison, here is a link for the M&K LCR750s: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VTfbm4uTfDFEvkPG9

BTW, I'm using an Emotiva XMC-1 processor with Dirac Live LE (Emotiva House Curve), Emotiva SA-250 amp, Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD changer (as a transport), and Acoustic Research 12 gauge 99.9% OFC cable. I have also tried a vintage Sony TA3200F amp in place of the Emotiva SA-250 and found that it did sound different, but not better.