Hales mystery?

I recently bought a second pair of Hales Concept Twos for use in my surround system. Although they are both badged "Hales Concept Two" and are superficially similar, they are clearly different loudspeakers. The first pair weigh about 110 lbs. each, and have smooth black baffles with a gently sloping surface. The second pair weigh 85 lbs. each (Hales original specification, I believe) and the baffles are speckled-black with more angular contours.

The cabinet dimensions are identical. The back plates are identical except the 100-lb. version has an eight-digit serial number, while the 85-lb. version has the code C2SB in front of its eight digits.

The 100-lb. version is fitted with fairly massive 2" diameter silver floor spikes; the lighter version utilizes 3/4" black spikes.

Does anyone know if in fact there were two Concept Twos? Could the heavier version have been a prototype that was never made? I was looking for an identical match, and never considered the possibility that the speaker may have had more than one (unadvertised) version.

Thanks for any input.
If I remember correctly, Hales used a concrete front baffle at first. Said it was sonically better, was using it in the higher up models.

Due to shipping costs, he went back to a 3 inch thick MDF front baffle.

That might be your answer.