Hans Henrik Moerch passed

I’m reposting this from a post in Audiogon sales. It is not my writing. Thank you.

Dear friends,

It is with heavy heart that we let you know my dear friend, Hans Henrik Moerch has passed away.

Hans Henrik was a sweet, kind, calm, humble, and honest man. He was hard working and perfectionist. He was a devoted family man who loved his wife, daughter, grand kids, son-in-law, and even me (to a much much lesser extent!) Often times at the end of our calls, we would tell each other “I love you.”

He was so proud of his work, and loved talking to customers. He wanted to go to audio shows, and I was like, “Hans Henrik, even if there is more demand, you can not meet the demand, why go to the shows.” He would say he enjoyed meeting his representatives and customers who own his tonearms. He was not there to generate demand or business. Truly.

He did what he loved, and put his soul in it.

We have had customers who have used their Moerch arms over 30 years, with no issue; using the arm with pride, and appreciation.

Once he made a very minor upgrade. Instead of me shipping my inventory to him for the upgrade, he flew to Chicago and worked at my office (attached pictures).

During next few months things would understandably be slow (slower). So, appreciate your patience. {I have one DP6 and a few DP8s left (1 Gold, 1 Black that i keep for myself, and a couple of Chromes)}.

Hans Henrik’s capable, trusted and ever loyal assistant, Jacob will be providing support and making new arms. The family wants to continue with the business, primarily to carry on with Hans Henrik’s passion to enable the joy of music listening.

Rest In Peace Hans Henrik. I love you.



It is clear from the post that a very very dear friend has passed.

I have a few friends who have their own designs for Tonearms and have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences had of seeing their work develop.

It seems like some producers of Tonearms have a desire to interact with others, as both friends are extremely social in their passion for audio.  

This is sad news.  I was a Moerch dealer way back in the day.  He was so cool, very intelligent and a great designer.  LOVED audio and analog.

R.I.P. Hans Henrik.